International Piano Competition

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The Heart, the Intellect and the Hand of Franz Liszt are present in every single pianist of today.

We think that every competition is a window, an insight into your current work, to perhaps show you a new way: an excellent opportunity to show your qualities, to speak to the jury, to meet your colleagues, to exchange friendships and to learn from each other as well.

The jury had a very difficult task: to give points to each pianist, to try to give a realistic opinion: each recording we have received is a result of a very hard work-of the pianist and the teacher as well. Often there are only grams, millimetres of difference and every single pianist showed us a great talent, dedication and an excellent performance.

Every single pianist who participated in the Franz Liszt Center Competition is on a very high level.

The results are ready. It is not about who is better, the question is not how good you are playing, because that is clear. The question is only where you are in this extremely high level.

it is about who is closer to the score, to the composer, to the style, to the Message, and about who is ready for the next challenge, bringing you up to the next level: we hope this can be a compass for your future development and inspiration.

Congratulations to all the prize winners and to each pianist who participated in our competition!

István I. Székely, artistic director of the Franz Liszt Center Piano Competition